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X-tractalloy Welding Electrode for Extracting Broken Bolts/Studs/Taps 004-3-0000

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Part Number: X-tractalloy Welding Electrode for Extracting Brok
Condition: New
Manufacturer: PartsMaster / X-Ergon

For sale is a box of X-ergon "X-tractalloy Welding Electrode for Extracting Broken Bolts/Studs/Taps 004-3-0000"

004-3-0000 is for use with 5/32"

X-Tractalloy is a special application welding electrode
designed for extracting broken bolts, studs and taps from
threaded holes.
• Saves time and money — reduces downtime and labor by
getting parts back into service quickly
• Versatile — X-Tractalloy will also remove broken screw
extractors, taps and broken drill bits
• Strong — tensile strength exceeds that of Grades 2, 5, 8,
8.8 and 10.9 bolts and stainless steel
• IGNITOR TIP™ — for instant strike
• Nonconductive flux — ceramic-like coating insulates
threads to prevent damage from welding
• All-position

Tensile strength
– as deposited : 123,000 psi
– work hardened : 150,000 psi
Hardness : 21 Rc
Elongation : 27%
Impact strength (Charpy, V-notch)
– room temperature : 100 ft-lbs/135 Joules
Machinability : Good
Current : AC or DC

• Broken bolts, studs and screws (5/16˝ and up)
• Broken taps and drills (5/16˝ and up)
• Broken screw extractors like E-Z Outs™
• Works on any ferrous alloy including stainless, tool
steel and nickel alloys
• Will remove iron or nickel based components from any
metallic block or housing, including aluminum, brass
and bronze